In 2019, I started using After Effects to create animated posters due to the increasing demand for captivating and interactive visual content. After Effects allowed me to transform still images into dynamic animated posters, capturing attention and standing out in a crowded digital landscape. The software's extensive tools, effects, and presets provided endless possibilities for adding motion, transitions, and special effects to bring new life to traditional static images. This shift towards animated posters reflected an evolving trend in the creative industry, where innovating and pushing the boundaries of traditional mediums became crucial for engaging audiences and staying ahead in a rapidly changing digital era.
"SPHINX" 2019
I created this motion poster titled "Sphinx" by integrating a 3D scanned sculpture into After Effects. I began by obtaining a 3D scan of a sphinx sculpture and imported it into the 3D software Blender. After finalizing the composition, I exported the scene and imported it into After Effects. There, I added motion effects and incorporated typography to enhance the visual impact of the title, bringing the poster to life.
I created this motion poster by using visual and animation effects in Adobe After Effects, I started by assembling various elements. Then, I used the visual effects capabilities of After Effects to enhance and manipulate these elements. The final result was a this collage of 4 effects with different parameters, creating a futuristic animated poster.
This poster was also created using visual and animation effects in Adobe After Effects, I began by selecting the relevant design elements such as Typography, layout, and desired effect. I then applied visual effects to enhance the type in the poster and create a cohesive look. For animation effects, I incorporated motion graphics techniques like kinetic typography and gradient animation to bring movement and engagement to the poster. By combining these two effects with different parameters, I crafted a visually dynamic animated poster.
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