Typography has always fascinated me—the way it shapes communication, evokes emotions, and defines visual identity. But it was the allure of experimental typefaces that truly ignited my passion. These unconventional fonts defy norms, pushing boundaries with unexpected interactions, quirky lines, and daring letterforms. Whether it's animated type, variable fonts, or custom novelties, I'm drawn to their avant-garde spirit. The delicate balance between uniqueness and readability fuels my creativity, and I find joy in choreographing these rebellious characters to dance across the canvas of design projects.
In 2020, I embarked on a creative journey to birth the "Fox Typeface"—a bold and experimental font that defied convention. Inspired by the zeitgeist of the moment, where sharp edges and futuristic letterforms were all the rage, I set out to craft a typeface that echoed the spirit of innovation. The angular geometry of the letters danced on the edge of readability, pushing boundaries while maintaining a sense of intrigue. Each glyph was meticulously sculpted, a fusion of avant-garde aesthetics and futuristic elegance. The result? A typeface that whispered the promise of a digital tomorrow. "Fox Typeface" became my rebellion against the mundane, a testament to the power of typography to shape perception and evoke emotion in the ever-evolving design landscape.
In 2019, during the quarantine, I birthed the "Doberman Typeface"—a self-led project fueled by my fascination with the triangular ears of the distinctive Doberman breed. This modern display font marries Gothic influences with a futuristic twist: straight, rigid ascenders and distinctive ear-shaped counters. Inspired by the trend of the moment—sharp edges and futuristic geometric letterforms—I sculpted each glyph to evoke a sense of boldness and rigidity. The result? A typeface that stood at the intersection of minimalism and avant-garde, echoing the spirit of innovation that permeated the design landscape in those dynamic times.
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